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Proposal made for caf in Harrow

A plan has been submitted by Harrow Council so that disused public toilets in the local recreational ground can be transformed into an establishment from which drinks and snacks can be obtained.

The local authority has been obliged to make the application with itself, because this is necessitated by the planned change in building usage. The structure was initially put together during the 1930s. Harrow Council aspires to rent out the café, but there will be a condition attached to the lease.

The local authority is determined that there should be access to a toilet when the building is in use. Moreover, it does not want visitors to have to pay for this facility. As a result, any company which rents the place will have to provide a toilet that can be visited by all, including users of wheelchairs.

A spokesperson for the council has said:

“The council has found a suitable prospective tenant and hope to have this building open to the public as soon as possible, therefore certain aspects including planning application are all being run at the same time.”

The tenant could wish to generate public interest in the area by using flyer printing in Ruislip Manor. The building has not been utilised since 1993, so some additional publicity may be welcome. It has been suggested that if the plan comes to fruition, jobs will be created.