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School in Hillingdon gets modern cycle track

Pield Heath House School for children with special needs has now got a new cycle track after funds were raised by campaigners and various institutions. One fundraiser, Becki Benjamin, has said: “My cycle of 58 miles is nothing compared to some of the hurdles these children have to face on a daily basis and that’s what kept me going when the hills became too steep and I thought I couldn’t cycle any more.” Benjamin is the godmother of one of the children at the school. She contrived to raise in excess of £2,000 for the scheme by participating in a cycling event between Brighton and London. The school may well use the cycle track in its marketing material in the future. It could use printing services in Ruislip Manor to produce leaflets for open days. Pupils will be permitted to use the safe track during the course of the week, while children with special needs from other educational institutions will be allowed weekend access. It has also been suggested that other members of the community will be granted the opportunity to have a go on Saturdays and Sundays. The local authority has given its backing to the project. In addition, resources from the Olympics legacy fund and from the transport authority have helped in the construction of the track.