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Brunel University receives student support

A recent survey has suggested that the student experience provided by Brunel University is of a high quality when compared with its rivals in London. Jack Rivers, who is one of the students, has said: “With this [being a campus university] comes the obvious gains of a fantastic community ethos and the feeling that we’re all part of one big family, as well as the fact that it takes less than two minutes to get from your bed to a lecture!” The survey highlighted the convenience of the amenities provided by Brunel University. It also stressed the degree of centralisation of services that has been achieved. If the institution wishes to publicise these advantages to a greater extent than it currently does, it could use printing services in Ruislip Manor. The university has paid attention to feedback from students. As a consequence, the library is now open on a 24-hour basis during term time. Additionally, the quality of the sporting opportunities available has received favourable comments from those who make use of them. While some parts of London are quite expensive to live in, Brunel University is located towards the edge of the city. This seems to have a positive impact on the costs which many students tend to incur. For example, one student has remarked that a night out in the Uxbridge area is affordable.