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Rally drivers aim to raise funds for charity

A number of rally enthusiasts are looking forward to participating in a European event in September, and are committed to raising money for the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

Michele Daryanani, a rally driver from Hillingdon, has said:

“Last year’s theme was Pirates, so I covered a car in five litres of PVA glue and two buckets of sand to make it look like a desert island.”

In 2013, the rally drivers contrived to raise in excess of £45,000 for Barnardo’s. This year, they have set themselves an ambitious target of £60,000. They could try to attract additional publicity for their efforts by using full colour printing in Ruislip Manor.

In previous years, drivers have taken part in a range of challenges along the routes they have undertaken. For instance, they have engaged in racing with quad bikes and in the competitive throwing of tyres.

This year, the event commences in Dover on 19th September. The drivers will travel through Belgium and France, attempting to solve a wide variety of puzzles along the way. The trip will then conclude in the Netherlands.

Clearly, the rally drivers are setting out to have some fun on their journey, but they also intend to increase awareness of a really serious issue – the exploitation of young people online. They will do this in part by decorating their vehicles to highlight the problem.