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Hillingdon shops have received a facelift

In excess of 100 retail outlets in the Hillingdon area have obtained grants from the local authority in a recent attempt to revitalise high streets in a degree of economic difficulty. Recipients of the money have included some of the shops in Ruislip Manor.

Ian Hallam, an owner of a local butchers shop, has stated:

“Without a doubt I think the fresh appearance has had a positive impact on business because it feels busier in here.”

Hillingdon Council has adopted a partnership approach to attempt to help shops adapt. Hence funding from London’s Mayor has gone into the project. New shop fronts have been created, while fresh signage has been used. In addition, work has been done to improve the quality of local pavements. Over three years, roads in the district have also received attention.

The aim of all the activity is to get more visitors to frequent the area. A report has suggested that nine tenths of the enterprises which have benefited from fresh shop fronts have been positive about the outcomes of the initiative. New businesses could also be generated if the neighbourhood, which includes Hayes and Northwood Hills, becomes more vibrant.

Perhaps some of the shops involved in the scheme will seek to boost footfall in other ways. Using full colour printing in Ruislip Manor may be part of a wider marketing strategy for some businesses.