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Volunteers participate in colourful run

November 26, 2014

Over 400 people recently went on a run for charity and got splashed with paint as they made their way along a 5km route.

In excess of £10,000 was raised for Michael Sobell Hospice, and there are now concrete plans to put on a large fundraiser during the course of 2015. Printing services in Ruislip Manor could be used to help with the production of publicity material for the big event to come.

Catherine Danne, Mayor of Hillingdon, was in attendance on the day. The runners were teachers, students and children, and they benefited from a warm-up prior to the competition.

Ashley Bryant, a medal-winning athlete in the Commonwealth Games, was in charge of the countdown before the run commenced. All the participants began the run wearing white.

Melanie Burfitt, who works for the hospice, has expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of the event. She has indicated that around £6,000 is required to keep the hospice going for a single day. To achieve this feat, almost half this figure is secured via fundraising efforts. Any sustained fall in resources could impact on the level of care being provided.

Priya Pallan, who is responsible for volunteers at Brunel University, has said:

“Michael Sobell Hospice is a fantastic charity that is close to my heart and does outstanding work in supporting members of our community and this is our way of saying thank you.”