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New academy established in the Hillingdon area

March 17, 2015

Ryefield Primary School and Vyners School, in Hillingdon and Ickenham respectively, have recently combined to form Vyners Learning Trust.

Under the new framework, both schools are a single legal entity. Resources are set to be channelled in the direction of the learning trust from Whitehall. It has been suggested by a school spokesperson that this money may be in excess of what the local authority used to provide.

The new academy could use stationery printing in Ruislip Manor for purposes associated with future correspondence.

The head teacher of Vyners School, James Heale, has said:

“We are delighted to formalise our partnership with Ryefield School. The new Multi Academy Trust enables us to work even closer together to continue to improve the educational experience of students at both schools, maximise joint professional development opportunities for staff and a focus on learning from three to 19 years.”

Work between the two centres has evolved over time. Initially, it involved collaboration with regard to language lesions and sessions of PE. Since then, it has included joint work on teacher training.

Although an academy school is free to alter its curriculum, it has been reported that this will not be happening here. It has been reported that the majority of secondary schools in Hillingdon obtained academy status before the latest move.