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High School to Relocate

March 31, 2015

Avanti House School has concrete plans to make a move to a fresh site in Stanmore because it has outgrown its current buildings.

The school is funded by the state, which was a new development for a Hindu secondary back in 2012. It has been using temporary accommodation in Common Road, but the idea is that it will now use a building on Whitchurch fields.

The local authority is the owner of the playing fields in question, but it has been reported that there should be no problems with regard to a lease agreement. The school may wish to contact a print company in Ruislip Manor for advertising purposes.

A spokesperson who works at Avanti Schools Trust has told Get West London:

“The playing fields aren’t very well used at the moment and there are no changing facilities. We will improve the quality of the sports facilities and making them available for use by local schools and other members of the community.”

The school takes on pupils from other faiths and is willing to educate children who are not from a religious background. The institution encourages vegetarianism and it also aspires to deliver impressive academic results.

The plan is that the school will have the opportunity to be in its new premises by January 2017. If planning permission is granted, nearly 1,300 students could be catered for on the site.