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Michael Sobell Hospice secures fresh chief executive

April 15, 2015 

A hospice that provides palliative care in Hillingdon has recently obtained the services of Linsey Fealey.

Having worked in the area of fundraising at a hospice based in Aylesbury, Fealey was considered to have relevant experience. Further, she was employed by Florence Nightingale Hospice for in excess of seven years.

In the past, Fealey has served as a chief executive at a cancer charity called CANCERactive. Her experience of being employed in the marketing sector may inspire her to use stationery printing in Ruislip Manor on behalf of her new hospice.

Fealey has said:

“I am committed to ensuring that Michael Sobell Hospice continues to be the wonderful place that it is, with specialist palliative care for patients with life-limiting illnesses.”

In addition, Fealey has revealed that some members of her own family have used the facility’s services, and some of her friends have also attended these institutions. The new chief exec has suggested that this combination of facts has given her a personal appreciation of the value of hospices.

Michael Sobell Hospice is the only unit of its type within Hillingdon, and is dependent on donations to keep it afloat.

In recent times, the centre required a large washing machine and was able to raise more than £3,000. The Mayor of Hillingdon, Catherine Dann, was involved in securing the resources in question.