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Stormtrooper promotes Star Wars contest

May 17, 2015 

A shopping centre in Uxbridge was recently visited by someone dressed as a Star Wars combatant in an attempt to publicise a competition.

The event took place on May 4th, which has been adopted by many as Star Wars Day. If the organisers of the spectacle want to get further attention, in the future they could use banner printing in Ruislip Manor.

Neil Thompson, who is spokesperson for the shopping hub on the High Street, has told Get West London:

“I think there was a bit of amazement from some people. I don’t know quite what it is about Stormtroopers, but everyone seems to warm to them, despite them being the bad guys.”

Thompson believes the public enjoyed the experience, due to the number of special photographs taken during the day.

The competition being promoted is called ‘Are You Big Into Star Wars?’ and has a short duration. It is intended to drum up enthusiasm for the winter launch of the next title in the long-running science fiction film series.

Various prizes were advertised to inspire the public. One of the competition winners would be given the chance to take their family to Madame Tussauds to witness the Star Wars exhibit.

Another winner would receive a toaster with a Star Wars theme. This device would have the capacity to leave an impression of Darth Vader on a slice of toast.