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Community unites to clean up Harrow

January 14, 2016

The high street in Harrow was cleaned by a band of volunteers with active council support.

Litter, moss, weeds and graffiti were taken away with the help of

appropriate tools. 30 bags of refuse were removed by volunteers, council officers and councillors. Newsletter printing from Ruislip Manor could be used to celebrate similar efforts going forward. Councillor Graham Henson told Get West London:

“We know how important cleaner and safer streets are for our residents and it is our mission to work with them to make Harrow a pleasant place to live and work.”

Councillor Henson was clear that further work by residents would be needed to maintain progress. He said that he hoped even more people would participate in the next event.

The cleaning effort was backed by the private sector. A local branch of Asda made sure that volunteers had refreshments. Further, a member of their staff assisted the volunteers in a hands-on way.

The third sector played a significant role on the day. The Ignite Trust, which supports young people who are vulnerable, backed the clean-up with a practical contribution. Service users and personnel from the New Bentley and Kenmore Neighbourhood Resource Centres also took part.

A few weeks before, volunteers were also improving the local area. On that occasion, they cooperated with a highways team which was concerned to detect pavement problems.