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Ruislip war veteran’s daughter thanks charity

June 14, 2016

The daughter of a WWII veteran from Ruislip Manor has expressed her gratitude for the help her father receives from Blind Veterans UK.

Des Dowding, who hails from Ruislip, has been getting assistance from his daughter Jeni. He served in the RAF during the course of the Second World War and, since 2007, has also benefited from help given by Blind Veterans UK. During Carers’ Week, this charity recognised the efforts of Jeni.

Jeni has had to be more proactive in looking after her father since her mother died last year, and Blind Veterans UK has provided practical help. Further, the charity has ensured that Jeni has gained from periods of respite. She told Get West London:

“My sister Fay and I care for my dad. It can be quite strenuous since my father still weighs a lot and so caring for him can be very tiring.”

During the Second World War, Des was a navigator, which was a dangerous role as many aircraft were shot down in the conflict. He began to have sight issues when he was 80, and was affected by macular degeneration. This process impaired his vision and deprived him of some of his old pleasures and conveniences, just as watching football and driving. Charitable help has allowed him to carry on living as independently as possible.