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Royal encouragement for local youth organisations

July 11, 2016

The Duke of Edinburgh recently visited two youth organisations located in the Harrow area.

Prince Philip took the time to look in on the Ignite Trust in Headstone Drive and a community centre within Harrow Weald. Either of the youth organisations that he visited could use printing services in Ruislip Manor to promote what they have to offer.

Prince Philip has served as the Patron of London Youth for several decades. The chief executive for London Youth, Rosemary Watt-Wyness, told the Harrow Times:

“It is more important than ever that young people have access to services that can support them to gain the confidence, resilience and networks that will help them succeed in life. Quality youth work – like that which we saw at Ignite and Cedars on Wednesday – can do just this.”

When the visit to the Ignite Trust took place, some members of the organisation were engaged in food preparation. At the same time, other young people were playing sport within a hall, while another group was relaxing inside a lounge area.

At the community centre in Chicheley Road within the Harrow Weald, visitors saw youngsters participating in various activities, including badminton and football. There were also some young people who were putting a project of social action together.

Both clubs have received official recognition for their efforts. This acknowledgement has come in the form of the London Youth Quality Mark (LYQM) at the level of ‘Gold’.